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Bell-type Diamond Saw Blade Sintering Furnace

Brand : Weier

Product origin : jiangsu,China

Delivery time : Within 45-120 working days after receiving the down payment

Supply capacity : 30 Sets per Month

Product Description


This series of bell-type hydrogen protection diamond saw blade sintering resistance furnace (Referred to electric furnace) is a sintering equipment that produced according to the variety of sintering furnace's advantages and disadvantages, in the diamond saw blade expert's guidance, improved after user many times trial experience. It was  well-designed and manufactured and suit for variety of sintering equipment and the different specifications in diamond saw blade industry. It has a high yield, sintering speed, high output, low energy consumption, low cost and other characteristics. There are the following advantages.                    

The temperature of this series of electric furnace was separated for upper, middle and lower and controlled individually. Using a SCR PID self-tuning temperature control mode. The dual display smart table instrument ensure the district set the temperature uniform performance. The temperature difference is within 2℃

The heating element of the electric furnace is made of nickel-chromium alloy wire, has long service life and is easy to be repaired, and adopts the new type silk brick to ensure that the heating element does not come out at work.

The electric furnace with more than one seat, continuous rotation heating, to meet the requirements of large quantities of work, greatly improve efficiency.

The electric furnace with hydrogen protection, so that products can keep the color bright, no surface oxidation. On the first processing is not successful, the temperature does not meet the requirements of the product reheating, can still meet the sintering requirements of the saw blade. So the product's scrap rate is very low.

For the same product only need to set a processing temperature and time. When you have processed a batch of products, another batch of the same product into the electric furnace processing, do not need to re-set the temperature and time.






Rated power




Rated voltage











Heating Area




Heating element connection



Rated temperature



Effective working space




Empty furnace heating time




Continuous heating time per furnace




Temperature uniformity



Empty furnace loss power









Introduction of structure

The series of electric furnace is consisted of the base, guide column, inner cover, furnace body and other components. The base is made of steel plate and steel welded, filled with high temperature casting material. The base heating part is used high temperature stainless steel. The workpiece can be very convenient and very flat on it. The base is welded with air intake and exhaust pipe (intake pipe is fine, trachea pipe is thick). Welding at the bottom of the furnace with a cover positioning device, guide column and guide column sets, it's easy to each inner cover, the furnace can accurately locate. The inner cover is made of heat-resistant steel. If the bottom is deformed or cracked after a prolonged use, it can be cut to repair. The rest of the parts can still be used to reduce production costs.

Furnace body is consisted by the furnace shell, lining, heating components and other components. The furnace shell is made of steel plate and profiled steel. The lining is made of lightweight refractory masonry. The insulation layer is made of lightweight insulation material. The top insulation part is compressed by high quality refractory fiber blanket which is both heat preservation and energy saving. The heating element is made of nickel-chromium alloy wire wound into a spiral shape, evenly distributed in the furnace around the silk brick. Using two plugs brick side by side way to fix the resistance wire to ensure that the furnace wire does not come out.

The furnace can be used with KKW series control cabinet. The use of SCR PID self-tuning temperature control, divided into three independent temperature control. Automatic or passive control temperature.

The hydrogen required by the electric furnace is provided by the user. User self-device of hydrogen cylinder placement and air supply control accessories. In the installation away from open flame and high temperature occasions should be considered to ensure safety.


Installation of electric furnace

1Electric furnace was packed with furnace body, the base, the Inner cover, control cabinet, instrumentation, the accessories, and the installation instruction.

2All the parts shall be checked whether there is damage or losing due to transportation before installation. All the parts shall be remove the dust and repair the defects that found firstly and then install it.

3Install it according to the actual needs and driving position. Measure the height of the traffic is sufficient, and consider the laying of electricity, gas pipeline position.

4When installing the base, check that the centerline is consistent with the centerline of the drive. Consider the level of work surface and floor of electric furnace.

5Check the heating element part of the broken, crack, serious bending and out of the brick and other problems. At the same time, check the insulation of phase and phase, phase and ground to prevent short circuit and other abnormal phenomenon.

6Check whether the contact terminals of the heating element, control cabinet, thermocouple and compensating lead are in good contact. Especially whether the thermocouple is fixed. Whether the wire and compensation wire are falling when  moving, or pulled too tight. Note that the live part cannot be short-circuited.It should be connected to a reliable grounding wire (including the electric cabinet control cabinet) to ensure operator safety.

7Each base will be connected to the hydrogen pipe, installed the valve. And check there's no leakage.

8Check and running the electric furnace after installation.

PS:Our company can provide customized design according to user requirements.

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Packing & Delivery

  • The furnace is nude packed but duly fixed inside the container. 

  • The nearest sea port is Shanghai port which is the largest and most convenient port over China.

  • The delivery time is 45-120 days after receipt of down payment.

  • The furnace is usually loaded into normal containers (20GP or 40GP) or flat racks.  

  • Usually machine is packed with wooden case and standard export carton, plywood carton or as your requirement.

Our Services

  • Reply your inquiry within 48 working hours

  • Experienced engineer instruct and sales communicate with you in fluent English.

  • Exclusive and unique solution can be provided to our customer by our well-trained and professional engineers and staff.

  • More contact with users, communicate with each other, to ensure that the manufacturing products meet the needs of customers.

  • Production: strict quality standard, to produce machine and induction coils.

  • Installation on site and commissioning in the condition of cold and hot, to ensure the normal use.

  • Tracking goods shipping and provide bill of lading,invoice,packing list and other documents what you need

  • Provide install and technology instruction by sending drawings, email, or telephone,video.

  • If you need, will arrange one engineer to your place,instruct install machine and training operators.

  • Responsible for free training of technology, service and operation personnel's theory, maintenance and operation skills, to make users use production right and expertly. Training is in the section of device debugging and test run.

  • After equipment final acceptance, quality guarantee period is for 12 months, the supplier replace and repair for free when the damage is caused by production and materials during the warranty period. To the damage out of  warranty period, the supplier should give preferential service and the supply of parts (only accept costs), and provide lifelong offer after-sale service.


1. What’s your MOQ?

At present we haven’t strict policy for this, so welcome orders with any quantity.


2.What information should the our provide to get an accurate quotation from you?

The customer should provide the working temperature, temperature rising speed, energy medium (gas or electricity), effective size of the furnace, drawings, pictures, industrial voltage, etc.


3.You are a green hand on Alibaba, how can I trust your company and machine?

Our factory have been in Heat treatment equipment for around 20 years , just entering alibaba for ads .And our machine have exported to East Asia, South Asia, the middle East Asia, Africa etc. areas and have a good feedback with no complaints.


4.If there are broken of your machine and spare parts , what should I do ?

In case of any failure occurred in the warranty, damaged parts to be replaced shall be offered free of charge .we providelifelong tracing service, supply equipment parts and relevant maintenance at favorable prices, and give user technical guidance free of charge.

Please feel free to give your inquiry in the form below. We will reply you in 24 hours.