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Analysis and comparison of nitride furnace temperature control scheme

Analysis and comparison of nitride furnace temperature control scheme

Adopt classical control theory

This scheme needs to identify the state equation of the whole nitride system, and analyze the state equation of different heating regions with appropriate mathematical methods. For furnace for multiple input multiple output system, the coupling interaction of the input is large, for every temperature zone state equation, but also to decouple the coupling influence between paragraphs to find out the paragraphs temperature control decisions. At present, there are only two decouples of success, so the implementation of the scheme is very difficult.

Traditional PID control is adopted

Existing multiple nitriding furnace are using piecewise control of this kind of control strategy, the actual running proves that this control scheme both overshoot amount and steady-state error are can't meet the requirements, and due to the effect of mutual coupling of the multistage temperature area bring great difficulty setting of PID parameters.

Adopt intelligent temperature controller

This kind of nitriding furnace temperature controller adopts microprocessor digital control, with two degrees of freedom PID control law, it can I on-line automatic identification system, automatic optimal PID parameters setting, provide two pieces of migration of the target function, can satisfy two target automatic adjustment, and has a variety of self-diagnosis and alarm functions, can be adjusted according to the need to input signal into a variety of input form.

The above analysis shows that the intelligent temperature controller has better control performance than the other two control schemes.气体氮化炉3.jpg

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