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Comparison of nitriding technology in nitriding furnace

Comparison of nitriding technology in nitriding furnace

Domestic manufacturer mainly adopts ammonia decomposition rate control for nitrogen, ammonia decomposition rate of general control in 20% ~ 41%, and belongs to the input control, can only control input indicators of ammonia decomposition, unable to control the workpiece specific nitrogen uptake, so its control precision is low, easy to appear when nitrogen nitriding depth unstable or nitride layer low hardness defect. Different workpieces have different weight, surface area and corresponding ammonia decomposition rate, so it is difficult to establish a more accurate mathematical model. The process parameters are mainly determined by experience accumulation.


Bell type furnace and horizontal furnace many stange control system in Germany, using expert system to determine the process parameters, using hydrogen probe precisely control the nitrogen potential, use a variety of mass flowmeter to control all kinds of process gas flow, can be precisely controlled nitriding effect, belonging to the consumption side control. In order to detect Kn and Ko in the furnace, a dual-pipe hydrogen and oxygen probe is installed on the nitriding furnace. Hydrogen in the process of heat treatment process, the probe will be directly detected hydrogen gas volume concentration to the intelligent control instrument, through SE607 intelligent control instrument, a mathematical model of the calculation of the current potential of nitrogen and oxygen potential, according to Kn and Ko set value, the ratio of mass flow control system according to the requirement to furnace input (standard) under the states of ammonia mass flow, mass flow rate, air mass flow rate after ammonia decomposition. Thus, the Kn and Ko values of the dynamic process are automatically controlled. The depth deviation of nitride layer can be controlled at no more than 610%, the depth of white light layer is below 0.02mm, and the quality of nitride is stable.

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