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Comparison of technology layout of nitride furnace

Comparison of technology layout of nitride furnace

Nitride refers to the heat treatment process that causes nitrogen atoms to infiltrate the surface of the workpiece at a certain temperature. This process can significantly improve the surface hardness, wear resistance, fatigue resistance and corrosion resistance of steel workpieces, and it is widely used in power, machine tool, petrochemical, machinery, mould and other industries. There are three kinds of domestic nitrification furnace, including well type furnace, cover type furnace and horizontal furnace. 


At present, the domestic nitrification furnace is widely used in well - type furnace. Pit type furnace is the main structural components by the furnace shell, lining, heating elements, corrugated muff, corrugated air duct, furnace cover, and other auxiliary facilities, furnace layout in the underground, save space, but in the late high maintenance costs. The main structural parts of the cover type furnace are composed of heating cover, inner cover and guide tube, hearth and base, cooling cover and other auxiliary facilities, which are arranged above the ground, and have strong bearing capacity. The horizontal furnace adopts the drawer type loading method, the loading capacity is not more than 2.5 tons, but it is easy to realize the automatic operation. From this point of view, the advantages and disadvantages of different furnace types are obvious, and the specific furnace type selection needs to be determined according to the use requirements.

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