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Cooling and attention of tempering furnace after tempering

Cooling and attention of tempering furnace after tempering

Cooling after tempering

1 heat preservation end, turn off the power supply, stop the fan, can open the furnace door

2 the general tempering furnace is empty after the furnace is out. After the temper embrittlement parts are produced, the oil is cold or the water is cooled to prevent the deformation and cracking.

Precautions for operation

1 quenching and tempering time interval does not exceed 4h, the shape of complex parts, high alloy steel is less than 1h, large, high alloy steel, after quenching and tempering immediately, otherwise the heat into the furnace, cracking

2 the tempering parts are not allowed to enter the workpiece, and the complex shape parts can be heated up at high temperature.

3 low temperature tempering should not be used for deep cold treatment of steel before cryogenic treatment, so as to avoid the residual austenite heat stabilization

4 the tempering furnace should be tempered many times. After each tempering, it should be cooled to room temperature, and the next tempering should be carried out in order to promote the transformation of the retained austenite.

5 slender rod should be hanged vertically to prevent warpage. When the pressure of thin pieces is tempered, the pressure should be pressurized regularly

6 with nitrate bath tempering weekly added mass fraction was more than 2% NaOH, in order to reduce nitrate salt oxidation

7 the operator should always check the accuracy of the furnace temperature

8 the tempering of the workpiece is best installed on the material basket or special fixture to ensure the circulation of gas and the uniform temperature of the furnace.

9 workpieces tempering furnace should be gently, not littering, misplacing, to prevent smashed furnace or electric heating element

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