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How does heat treatment equipment save electricity?

Wrong peak electricity, ensure enough voltage. The workers are compact and skilled in their work to minimize the time required to open the furnace. Carry out medium repair and overhaul to ensure the equipment is in good running condition, in case of failure to stop the furnace and restart. Determine a reasonable batch, and a reasonable process for that batch. Minimize fixture weight. The furnace temperature of the next furnace should be increased as much as possible by using reasonable furnace temperature.

1. Carburizing furnace: optimize the loading method, minimize the weight of the fixture and increase the loading amount. Instead of solid carburizing, use fast gas carburizing, salt bath carburizing, or use the fastest current mobile particle furnace.

2. High frequency quenching: according to the characteristics of parts and equipment, reasonably select the equipment model. Design the induction coil properly. Semiconductor high frequency equipment.

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