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How to choose heat treatment furnace equipment?

To select the appropriate heat treatment furnace equipment, first we need to know what products we are heat treatment processing, you need to achieve what kind of technical requirements, this must be your own need to be aware of, and then according to their own requirements to consulting heat treatment furnace equipment manufacturers should choose what kind of equipment.)

1, according to the requirements of the heat treatment process requirements or parts technology choices: such as conditioning treatment, annealing, normalizing can choose ordinary heat treatment furnace, if require carburizing, nitriding, nitriding furnace, carburizing furnace, if choose surface oxidation decarburization strict controlled atmosphere furnace, vacuum furnace, if required surface quenching medium frequency, high frequency quenching equipment choice, and so on.

2. Selection according to cost: the general cost of ordinary box furnace and well furnace is low, while the cost of vacuum furnace, salt bath furnace and controllable atmosphere furnace is high, which can be selected according to the price given.

3. Select according to the shape of parts: well furnace for long rods, box furnace for disc, net belt furnace for small pieces, etc.

4. According to the batch selection of the parts processed, select the continuous operation furnace with large batch, such as the net belt furnace and the roller bottom furnace, and select the small batch cycle operation furnace.

5. Select according to the size of the parts processed: choose the high-power furnace with large size, and choose the low-power furnace with small size.

6, choose according to the customer request: the customer sometimes require specific to heat treatment furnace, salt bath furnace heat treatment, such as special requirements you have to choose the salt bath furnace, vacuum furnace special request, you have to choose the vacuum furnace, and can't choose the other kind of heat treatment furnace.


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