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The structure and characteristics of aluminum melting furnace

The structure and characteristics of aluminum melting furnace

1. The round bottom furnace and reasonable burner configuration are adopted. The furnace gas circulation is strong, the furnace temperature is even, and there is no local over-heating and over-burning, which can improve the product quality and prolong the service life of the furnace.

2, the shaft furnace, furnace charge full absorption in the shaft furnace flue gas waste heat, reduce exhaust temperature furnace top, greatly improve the thermal efficiency, and charge into the hearth furnace has been preheated to near melting state, to ensure the high fusion rate and low energy consumption.

3, the use of air preheater and the furnace shell laminated duct: air preheater absorption flue gas waste heat, well after preheating air into the furnace shell laminated duct, further preheating temperature, relative to improve environmental temperature, reduce the heat furnace shell, after the air preheating can improve the efficiency of combustion, combustion intensity, flame temperature and velocity, strengthen the furnace gas circulation and heating speed.

4. The furnace door shall be properly sealed, and no furnace shall be added at the furnace door; The furnace door is tightly sealed, less opening time, less heat dissipation loss in the furnace, no slag refining dead Angle, convenient operation and good operating environment.

5. Top feeding: convenient feeding, low labor intensity, low temperature fluctuation, long furnace life, no melting time.

6. The high-efficiency and energy-saving burner is adopted as the heat source, which is characterized by easy ignition, fast temperature rise, high jet speed, safe combustion and low air excess coefficient.


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