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Type selection and use of atmosphere trolley furnace

Type selection and use of atmosphere trolley furnace

Reasonable atmosphere should be able to speed up the chemical heat treatment process, with good protective effect, less atmosphere consumption and raw material consumption and lower cost.

Carburizing atmosphere should have a high carbon transfer series and a certain amount of available carbon. The carbon transfer coefficient is directly proportional to CO H. The reaction in furnace atmosphere has a higher rate of carburization. This is an important principle for selecting and blending carburizing atmosphere. So the carburizing atmosphere should have enough CO and H, usually require methanol cracking gas often preferred as a carrier gas, because of the cracking gas of hydrogen and carbon monoxide, namely in the drip type of organic liquid carburizing, mixed with a certain amount of air, to form a more CO, according to the ventilation with the composition of the atmosphere, to adjust the air volume of the carbon potential control, corresponding change available carbon in the atmosphere, carbon transfer coefficient, dew point and the carbon potential.

Effect of vacuum and low pressure acetylene carburizing process in trolley furnace.

The carbon - rich gas carburizing can get deep and uniform carburizing layer.

H is a good protective atmosphere of low carbon steel, which is because hydrogen density is small, heat capacity is small, transfer coefficient is high, viscosity is low, and fluidity is good, so it has the function of energy saving and promoting uniform temperature in furnace.

The controllable carburized gas platform furnace is divided into carrier gas and rich gas. The reasonable combination of these two types of gases has a great influence on carburizing controllability, gas consumption and carburizing speed.

In the use of controllable atmosphere trolley furnace, we should try our best to reduce gas consumption. In a protective atmosphere, only a small positive pressure can be maintained in the furnace.

Controlled atmosphere microcomputer control is the most reasonable way to use atmosphere.

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