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Use and maintenance of trolley furnaces and safety operation requirements

Use and maintenance of trolley furnaces and safety operation requirements


Use and maintenance of a trolley furnace

(1) the burner of the fuel heating trolley should be installed along the cutting direction of the bath. Every certain time (such as weekly) should rotate bath 30~40, in order to prevent the bath trough over heat to burn through, prolong the life of the bath.

(2) the application of fire-resistant cement or asbestos cushion between the flange of the bath and the furnace panel to prevent the flow of molten salt into the furnace. Fuel heating furnace for nitrate, to prevent the furnace tube burn, carbon and nitrate caused by explosion.

(3) a salt hole should be set at the bottom of the hearth of the trolley furnace so that the molten salt will be discharged when an accident occurs.

(4) two thermocouples are used in the trolley furnace to determine the furnace temperature near the salt bath and the heating element.

(5) when using cyanide, lead, alkali and other toxic bath agents, a strong ventilation device should be set up.

Safety operation requirements of a trolley furnace

(1) the ventilation device must be installed to remove the salt vapor and other toxic gases. Workers should wear protective glasses, gloves and wear clothes.

(2) adding new salt and deoxidizer to the bath tank of the trolley should be completely dried, batching and gradually adding. The workpiece and fixture should be fully dried before the furnace is installed. To join the workpiece should be oil removal of nitrate.  The low temperature salt bath should be added at normal temperature when water needs to be added.

(3) the components of salt bath before and after operation should be compatible. When a small amount of salt in the upper process is carried into the salt bath of the next process, it should not cause salt bath deterioration or explosion. No nitrate into nitrate in. In the high temperature salt, cyanide salt, nitrate in the operation, should use a special tool clamp.

(4) toxic, explosive, corrosive bath agent or deliquescent, such as cyanide salt, nitrate, barium chloride and alkali etc., shall be stored in a special place with special containers for packaging, kept by hand.

(5) there should be a fire extinguishing device and a first-aid medicine near the bath furnace. The operator should be trained. The use of dry sand in the fire of the bath furnace can not be saved by water and water solution, so as to avoid splashing salt or spreading the fire.

(6) the tool clips, containers, working clothes and gloves should be sterilized in the waste salt bath of the trolley furnace. With cyanide waste, ferrous sulfate, lime and water are used to disinfect the solution. After soaking and stirring for 30min, 3h is then statically bubbling. Alkali waste is usually neutralized by sulfuric acid.

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