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Well type furnace in preparation and attention

Well type furnace in preparation and attention

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Preparatory phase:

The cleaning, inspection and clamping of the parts are basically the same as the carburizing in the well type furnace, but the following points should be paid attention to:

The 1. well type furnace carburizing without intermediate test with the control of carbon potential of furnace gas carburizing and the length of time to determine the depth of carburized layer, final inspection sample of the same parts are arranged in the same basket fixture

2. check furnace resistance plate, whether radiation tube cracking deformation, whether the level of anti carburizing furnace brick intact, brick joint leakage

3. quenching lifting mechanism smooth and reliable braking, workpiece import track smooth furnace

Oil heating system, circulation system, cooling system 4. normal oil quenching tank. There is no water and carbon black in the oil. The oil circulation direction guide plate should flow the oil to the pipe.

5. well furnace atmosphere carbon potential (volume fraction) should be above 0.8% (0~-5 degrees C, dew point) volume fraction of nitrogen nitrogen based atmosphere is greater than 98%, with volume fraction of nitrogen after purification of nitrogen based atmosphere in more than 99.99%

Matters needing attention:

1. send exhaust, not in the front door, to prevent the fire hole explosion flame wounding

2. should leak well type furnace is often used in all parts of the torch test furnace

Around 3. well type furnace raw material tank, the cylinder is strictly prohibited, due to fire, explosion, shock proof device or the fire extinguisher

4. pipeline should use concentrated soap leakage test, it is forbidden to use in pressure is less than 200kPa with a torch, propane, butane gas pressure in 5kPa disable

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