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What are the characteristics of glass melting furnace?

1. The furnace shell is made of high quality manufacture, through numerical control equipment such as machine tool precision machining, surface treated with high temperature Suo, advanced air-cooled double furnace body structure, furnace shell between equipped with fan, can quickly rise and cooling, to ensure the good working environment.

2. The use of silicon molybdenum rod in the heating element greatly improves the service life;

3. The temperature measuring element adopts b-degree single platinum rhodium thermocouple, which can accurately measure the actual temperature in the furnace, resist acid and alkali, and resist corrosion;

4. Temperature control device adopts microcomputer control: convenient operation, programmable, PID self-setting, automatic heating, automatic heat preservation, automatic cooling, no need to be on duty; It can also be equipped with the computer to operate the electric furnace (start the electric furnace, stop the electric furnace, suspend the temperature rise, set the temperature rise curve, store the temperature rise curve, history curve, etc.) through the computer. Using integrated module control unit, accurate control precision, and designed a double circuit control and double circuit protection, had the overshoot, overshoot, owe, section I, lack of phase, overpressure, superfluid and overtemperature, current feedback, soft start and protection.倾斜式熔化炉 (1).jpg

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