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What are the heat treatment methods of low carbon steel

What are the heat treatment methods of low carbon steel

There are several heat treatment processes commonly used in steel:

1. In hypoeutectoid steel quenching, namely, low carbon steel and medium carbon steel is heated to above Ac3 30-50 , stay for a period of time under this temperature, make all become austenitic steel group, and then rapidly cooling (cold water or oil), doesn't make the austenite decomposition and formation of martensite structure, some known as quenching in the welding of medium carbon steel and alloy steel, nearly seam area and harden quenching conditions can occur, easy to form cold crack, this is to try to prevent in the welding process.

2. Tempering is a heat treatment method that reheats the hardened workpiece to a temperature below A1 and cools it in air or water after a period of heat preservation. The purpose of tempering is to reduce the hardness of hardened steel, improve the plasticity and toughness, reduce the internal stress and adjust the microstructure so as to obtain good comprehensive mechanical properties. According to the tempering temperature can be divided into low temperature tempering (150-250 ), medium temperature tempering (350-450 ), high temperature tempering (500-650 )

3. Tempering some alloy steels are quenched and tempered at high temperature, which is called tempering.

4. The normalizing heat the steel to Ac3 or Accm above 30-50 , called normalizing cooled in the air after heat preservation. Many carbon steels and alloy steels have good mechanical properties and can refine grain after normalizing. For the welding structure, the weld quality can be improved after normalizing, and the coarse grain, hardened tissue and non-uniformity of the weld area can be eliminated

5. Annealing Heat the steel to Ac3 or Ac1 above 30-50 , heat preservation after a period of time, slow and uniform cooling is called annealing. Annealing can reduce hardness, make materials easy to cut and process, and make steel grain fine, eliminate stress. Heat the steel below Ac1 (general is 600-650 ), heat preservation time, and then in the air or cooling for eliminating stress annealing furnace, also called low temperature annealing. Stress relieving annealing is mainly used to remove welding residual stress of welded structures.

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