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What is a melting furnace for?

Melting furnace, let stand furnace: the main equipment is melting furnace and refining purification furnace, generally USES a special stand for fuel oil or gas furnace continuous smelting and processing technology of low cost, can make low grade waste miscellaneous aluminum upgrade, used for manufacturing for casting, die casting, rolling and master alloy using recycled aluminum ingots. Alloy furnace: Advanced miscellaneous scrap aluminum pretreatment technology is the purpose of realization of miscellaneous scrap aluminum separation of mechanization and automation, maximize the removal of impurities and non-metallic metal impurities, and miscellaneous scrap aluminum effectively according to alloy composition classification and sorting, as this can help to reduce in the process of melting the difficulty of the composition of the complex technology and adjustment, and the comprehensive utilization of waste aluminum alloy components. Homogeneous casting furnace: to control the alloy composition of the aluminum ingots way to control the quality of the aluminium profile. The use of advanced type heating temperature control system, the proportion of the temperature difference is small, completely eliminates the aluminum rods casting resilience and composition segregation, make the alloy plasticity, strength greatly increased.


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